Jos van Boheemen Stekbedrijf

Jos van Boheemen cutting company guarantees good quality. We use a professional and careful approach. Our specialized company is exclusively focused on producing large voices, difficult to grow tree nursery crops. The main groups of the site are Acer, Cotinus, Magnolia and Mahonia.

Our cuttings company is situated in Zevenhuizen, where the location consists of 16,000 m2 of glass standard. This location is therefore fully intended for propagation. Thanks to a high productivity of the employees and a powerful climate management system, Stekbedrijf Jos van Boheemen can deliver the best quality for a competitive price.

Work is constantly being done to optimize the quality of the products. Customer satisfaction with our products is our driving force. Sufficient care and attention for each individual product does the rest.

With Jos van Boheemen’s cutting you get guaranteed quality, thanks in part to the freshness in the first instance: the same day the cutting is cut, it is made and stabbed! Then it receives automated daily care from day one. The computer-controlled misting ensures a constant climate. The cutting is rooted optimally.

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For the entire range, we manufacture for free sales and on site. Orders outside the standard range are only accepted if they are larger than 10,000 items.


Jos van Boheemen supplies a wide sustainable range of trees and plants. You are always welcome to come and see the wide variety of greenery. Of course we are also happy to advise you on compiling a planting plan.